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Best Cost Top Deals Manicure Pedicure Treatments Antipolo City Manila

Best Cost Top Deals Manicure Pedicure Treatments in Antipolo City Manila

Best cost, top deals on fantastic manicure and pedicure treatments in Antipolo City Manila - Just like a good handbag or fantastic shoes. Nothing finishes off an outfit like a good manicure and pedicure. Equally, nothing ruins and outfit like upkeep hands and feet. It is quite hard to manicure and pedicure your own hands and feet. Let us make it easy for you. Come in, get an all over body treatment and let us take care of the whole you. Let us give you the Crislyn’s Beauty Salon and Spa ™ total experience. Warm and welcoming staff, a relaxing atmosphere, the smell of essential oils, relaxing music, a cool breeze and maybe if you are real naughty a glass of wine.


A fantastic nail trim can redesign your fingernails and draw attention to your hands. It is a very subtle way of saying I am sophisticated and fashionable. It draws attention and respect. Our treatment incorporates the essential trim, shaping, hand and skincare. Cleaning, natural cuticle oil to your nails to make them healthy. To complete we polish colour to your choice from fabulous fashionable dazzle dry colours. That will air dry rock hard in 5 minutes.

Your Hands

What good is a manicure if your hands do not get the royal treatment. Let us take care of your hands with a non-surgical hand lift. Let us make your hands look ten years younger. Just like you face your hands are important and tell people a lot about you. Let us remove wrinkles from your hands and add collagen and elastin back to your hands.


Don't forget your feet. When people first meet, it is not uncommon that they start by looking at your feet and work their way up. If you have open shoes the last thing you need is untidy or unkempt nails to ruin and outfit. Make sure your feet are not the most ignored part of our body. Make sure they don't get left off your maintenance schedule. Pedicures are like manicures except they are uniquely for the feet.

Reflexology Massage

Before we start your pedicure how about a therapeutic reflexology massage. In seconds, we can target the areas that will treat your aliment. Or we can just help you relax and unwind.

Ionic Detox Foot Bath

If you have been working or parting to hard. How about treating your body to a twenty-minute detox treatment? It will help you relax and unwind. This is a whole body sensual experience. Let the little bubbles genitally massage your feet and the warm water improving the circulation.

At Crislyn’s Beauty Salon and Spa ™, Antipolo Triangle Mall in Antipolo City we are not a shop, a clinic or a store we are a whole-body experience. Others may try to imitate or copy.

Best affordable top deals manicure pedicure treatments Philippines

manicure and pedicure whole body experience

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Where can I get the best cost top deals manicure pedicure treatments in Antipolo City Manila ? Come to Crislyn’s Beauty Salon and Spa ™, Antipolo Triangle Mall Antipolo City in Manila and talk to us today about starting your skincare,manicure and pedicure treatment today.

Pay us a visit, Crislyn’s Beauty Salon and Spa ™, Antipolo Triangle Mall in Antipolo City in the Philippines . We are one of the best secrets in the Philippines.

Ring us and make your booking today.


Crislyn’s Beauty Salon and Spa ™, Antipolo Triangle Mall in Antipolo City. Come and visit us soon we are in the Philippines. If you are after more than one treatment ask us for a package price. We are truly one of the Philippines best secrets. If you are in Antipolo Triangle Mall in Antipolo City. Come and see us, you can find us on the ground floor.

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